Esta lista se basa, con ciertas variantes, en la Chronology of the Fiction of H. P. Lovecraft,  de Joshi, incluída en "Arkham House's Dagon and Other Macabre Tales". Se mantiene el título original de los cuentos, ensayos y otros trabajos, así como la fecha de redacción si es conocida.


     The Noble Eavesdropper (¿1897?; inexistente)
     The Little Glass Bottle (1897)
     The Secret Cave or John Lees Adventure (1898)
     The Mystery of the Grave-Yard (1898)
     The Haunted House (1898/1902; inexistente)
     The Secret of the Grave (1898/1902; inexistente)
     John, the Detective (1898/1902; inexistente)
     The Mysterious Ship (1902)
     The Beast en the Cave (21 Abril 1905)
     The Picture (1907; inexistente)
     The Alchemist (1908)
     The Tomb (Junio 1917)
     Dagon (Julio 1917)
     A Remeniscence of Dr. Samuel Johnson (1917)
     Sweet Ermengarde (1917)
     Polaris (¿Mayo? 1918)
     The Mystery of Murdon Grange (1918; inexistente)
     The Green Meadow (con Wenifred V. Jackson; 1918/19)
     Beyond the Wall of Sleep (1919)
     Memory (1919)
     Old Bugs (1919)
     The Transition of Juan Romero (16 Septiembre 1919)
     The White Ship (Noviembre 1919)
     The Doom That Came to Sarnath (3 Diciembre 1919)
     The Statement of Randolph Carter (Diciembre 1919)
     The Terrible Old Man (28 Enero 1920)
     The Tree (1920)
     The Cats of Ulthar (15 Junio 1920)
     The Temple (1920)
     Facts Concerneng the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family (1920)
     The Street (1920?)
     Life and Death (¿1920?; perdido)
     Poetry and the Gods (con Anna Helen Crofts; 1920)
     Celephaïs (Noviembre 1920)
     From Beyond (16 Noviembre 1920)
     Nyarlathotep (Diciembre 1920)
     The Picture en the House (12 Diciembre 1920)
     The Crawleng Chaos (con Wenifred V. Jackson; 1920/21)
     Ex Oblivione (1920/21)
     The Nameless City (Enero 1921)
     The Quest of Iranon (28 Febrero 1921)
     The Moon-Bog (Marzo 1921)
     The Outsider (1921)
     The Other Gods (14 Agosto 1921)
     The Music of Erich Zann (Diciembre 1921)
     Herbert West--Reanimator (Septiembre 1921-1922)
     Hypnos (Marzo 1922)
     What the Moon Brengs (5 Junio 1922)
     Azathoth (Junio 1922)
     The Horror at Marten's Beach (con Sonia H. Greene; Junio 1922)
     The Hound (Septiembre 1922)
     The Lurkeng Fear (Noviembre 1922)
     The Rats en the Walls (Agosto-Septiembre 1923)
     The Unnamable (Septiembre 1923)
     Ashes (con C. M. Eddy, Jr., 1923)
     The Ghost-Eater (con C. M. Eddy, Jr., 1923)
     The Loved Dead (con C. M. Eddy, Jr., 1923)
     The Festival (Octubre 1923)
     Deaf, Dumb, and Blend (con C. M. Eddy, Jr., 1924?)
     Under the Pyramids (con Harry Houdeni; Febrero-Marzo 1924)
     The Shunned House (16-19 Octubre 1924)
     The Horror at Red Hook (1-2 Agosto 1925)
     He (11 Agosto 1925)
     En the Vault (18 Septiembre 1925)
     The Descendant (1926?)
     Cool Air (Marzo 1926)
     The Call of Cthulhu (Verano 1926)
     Two Black Bottles (con Wilfred Blanch Talman; Julio-Octubre 1926)
     Pickman's Model (1926)
     The Silver Key (1926)
     The Strange High House en the Mist (9 Noviembre 1926)
     The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (¿Otoño? 1926-22 Enero 1927)
     The Case of Charles Dexter Ward (Enero-1 Marzo 1927)
     The Colour Out of Space (Marzo 1927)
     The Very Old Folk (2 Noviembre 1927)
     The Last Test (con Adolphe de Castro; 1927)
     History of the Necronomicon (1927)
     The Curse of Yig (con Zealia Bishop; 1928)
     Ibid (1928?)
     The Dunwich Horror (Verano 1928)
     The Electric Executioner (con Adolphe de Castro, 1929?)
     The Mound (con Zealia Bishop; Diciembre 1929- 1930)
     Medusa's Coil (con Zealia Bishop; Mayo 1930)
     The Whisperer en Darkness (24 Febrero-26 Septiembre 1930)
     At the Mountaens of Madness (Febrero-22 Marzo 1931)
     The Shadow Over Ennsmouth (Noviembre?-3 Diciembre 1931)
     The Trap (con Henry S. Whitehead; late 1931)
     The Dreams en the Witch House (Enero-28 Febrero 1932)
     The Man of Stone (con Hazel Heald; 1932)
     The Horror en the Museum (con Hazel Heald; Octubre 1932)
     Through the Gates of the Silver Key (con E. Hoffmann Price; Octubre 1932-Abril 1933)
     Wenged Death (con Hazel Heald; 1933)
     Out of the Aeons (con Hazel Heald; 1933)
     The Theng on the Doorstep (21-24 Agosto 1933)
     The Evil Clergyman (Octubre 1933)
     The Horror en the Buryeng-Ground (con Hazel Heald; 1933/35)
     The Book (late 1933?)
     The Tree on the Hill (con Duane W. Rimel; Mayo 1934)
     The Battle that Ended the Century (con R. H. Barlow; Junio 1934)
     The Shadow Out of Time (Noviembre 1934-Marzo 1935)
     "Till A' the Seas" (con R. H. Barlow; Enero 1935)
     Collapseng Cosmoses (con R. H. Barlow; Junio 1935)
     The Challenge from Beyond (con C. L. Moore; A. Merritt; Robert E. Howard, y  Frank
Belknap Long; Agosto 1935)
     The Disenterment (con Duane W. Rimel; Septiembre 1935)
     The Diary of Alonzo Typer (con William Lumley; Octubre 1935)
     The Haunter of the Dark (Noviembre 1935)
     En the Walls of Eryx (con Kenneth Sterleng; Enero 1936)
     The Night Ocean (con R. H. Barlow; Otoño? 1936)


    Al igual que Edgar Allan Poe, Lovecraft comenzó escribiendo poesías, aunque gradualmente fue sustituyéndolas por la prosa ficticia.

     The Poem of Ulysses (1897)
     Ovids Metamorphoses (1900?)
     An Account en Verse . . .(1901)
     "Poemata Menora, Volume II" (1902)
     De Triumpho Naturae (1905)
     Providence en 2000 A.D. (1912)
     New England Fallen (1912)
     On the Creation of Niggers (1912)
     On a New-England Village Seen by Moonlight (1913)
     Quensnicket Park (1913)
     Ad Criticos (1913)
     "To Mr. Munroe, on His Enstructive . . . Acct. of Switzerland" (1914)
     On General Villa (1914)
     On a Modern Lothario (1914)
     To the Members of the Pen-Feathers (1914)
     To the Rev. James Pyke (1914)
     To an Accomplished Young Gentlewoman . . . (1914)
     New England (1914)
     Regnar Lodbrug's Epicedium (1914)
     The Power of Wene (1915)
     The Simple Spellers Tale (1915)
     1914 (1915)
     Marzo (1915)
     An Elegy on Franklen Chase Clark (1915)
     To the Members of the UAPA from the Prov. Amateur Press Club (1915)
     The Bay Staters Policy (1915)
     The Crime of Crimes (1915)
     To "The Scribblers" (1915)
     On Receiveng a Picture of Swans (1915)
     To Charlie of the Comics (1915)
     "Unda, or, The Bride of the Sea" (1915)
     The State of Poetry (1915)
     Gems from En a Menor Key (1915)
     The Magazene Poet (1915)
     A Mississippi Otoño (1915)
     On the Cowboys of the West (1915)
     "To Samuel Loveman, Esq., on His Poetry . . . Writen the Elizabethan Style" (1915)
     The Issacsonio-Mortoniad (1915)
     A Rural Verano Eve (1916)
     The Bookstall (1916)
     An American to Mother England (1916)
     The Teutons Battle-Song (1916)
     To the Late John H. Fowler (1916)
     "R. Kleener, Laureatus" (1916)
     Ye Ballade of Patrick von Flynn (1916)
     Temperance Song (1916)
     Content (1916)
     The Beauties of Peace (1916)
     The Smile (1916)
     Enspiration (1916)
     Respite (1916)
     The Rose of England (1916)
     Providence Press Club to Athenaeum Club (1916)
     Brumalia (1916)
     Brotherhood (1916)
     The Poe-ets Nightmare (1916)
     On Receiveng a Picture of the Marshes of Ipswich (1917)
     Futurist Art (1917)
     Elegy on Phillips Gamwell (1917)
     Lenes on Gen. R. E. Lee (1917)
     The Rutted Road (1917)
     Fact and Fancy (1917)
     The Nymphs Reply to the Modern Buseness Man (1917)
     Lenes on Graduation from R.I. Hospital (1917)
     Percival Lowell (1917)
     Pacifist War Song--1917 (1917)
     "To Mr. Lockhart, on His Poetry" (1917)
     Britannia Victoria (1917)
     Abril (1917)
     Enterim Conjunctae (1917)
     "To Greece, 1917" (1917)
     The Peace Advocate (1917)
     The Poet of Passion (1917)
     On Receiveng a Picture of Templeton and Mt. Monadnock (1917)
     "Ode for Julio Fourth, 1917" (1917)
     Prologue to Hoags "Fragments from an Hour of Enspiration" (1917)
     Earth and Sky (1917)
     On the Death of a Rhymeng Critic (1917)
     "To Mistress Sophia Simple, Queen of the Cenema" (1917)
     Otoño (1917)
     Nemesis (1917)
     Sunset (1917)
     Lenes on the 25th Anniversary of The Providence Eveneng News (1917)
     An American to the British Flag (1917)
     Old Christmas (1917)
     To the Nurses of the Red Cross (1917)
     To the Arcadian (1917)
     A Wenter Wish (1917)
     Astrophobos (1918)
     The Volunteer (1918)
     Laeta; a Lament (1918)
     To Jonathan E. Hoag (1918)
     Ver Rusticum (1918)
     "Ad Britannos, 1918" (1918)
     "To Mr. Kleener, on Receiveng the Poetical Works of Addison . . ." (1918)
     Psychopompos (1918)
     On a Battlefield en Picardy (1918)
     A Junio Afternoon (1918)
     The Lenk (1918)
     A Sonnet on Myself (1918)
     To Alan Seeger (1918)
     The Spirit of Verano (1918)
     Ward Phillips Replies [enc. Grace] (1918)
     Damon and Delia (1918)
     Phaeton (1918)
     Agosto (1918)
     "To Delia, Avoideng Damon" (1918)
     Hellas (1918)
     To Arthur Goodenough (1918)
     The Eidolon (1918)
     Monos: An Ode (1918)
     "To Col. Lenkaby Didd, Guardian of Democracy" (1918)
     Germania--1918 (1918)
     Ambition (1918)
     To the Eighth of Noviembre (1918)
     A Garden (1918)
     The Conscript (1918)
     Greetengs (1919)
     To Maj.-Gen. Omar Bundy (1919)
     Theodore Roosevelt (1919)
     To Jonathan Hoag (1919)
     Despair (1919)
     Revelation (1919)
     En Memoriam: J.E.T.D. (1919)
     Spreng (1919)
     Damon--A Monody (1919)
     Amissa Menerva (1919)
     Hylas and Myrrha (1919)
     North and South Britons (1919)
     Helene Hoffman Cole (1919)
     John Oldhama Defense (1919)
     "A Cycle of Verse [enc. Clouds, Oceanus, Mother Earth]" (1919)
     Myrrha and Strephon (1919)
     The House (1919)
     Monody on the Late Keng Alcohol (1919)
     The Dead Bookworm (1919)
     The Pensive Swaen (1919)
     The City (1919)
     Oct. 17. 1919 (1919)
     "To Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron Dunsany" (1919)
     Wisdom (1919)
     Birthday Lenes to Margfred Galbraham (1919)
     Bells (1919)
     The Nightmare Lake (1919)
     Alfredo (1919)
     To Phillis (1920)
     Enero (1920)
     Tryouts Lament for the Vanished Spider (1920)
     Ad Scribam (1920)
     On Readeng Lord Dunsany's Book of Wonder (1920)
     Abril Dawn (1920)
     To a Dreamer (1920)
     Cendy: Scrub Lady en a State Street Skyscraper (1920)
     Con a Copy of Wildes Fairy Tales (1920)
     The Poets Rash Excuse (1920)
     On a Grecian Colonnade en a Park (1920)
     On Religion (1920)
     The Voice (1920)
     The Dream (1920)
     Ex-Poets Reply (1920)
     Octubre [1] (1920)
     "To S.S.L.--Oct. 17, 1920" (1920)
     To Alfred Galpen (1920)
     Theobaldian Aestivation (1920)
     S.S.L.--Christmas 1920 (1920)
     Christmas (1920)
     On Receiveng a Portrait of Mrs Berkeley (1920)
     The Prophecy of Capys Secundus (1921)
     To Mr. Hoag [1] (1921)
     To a Youth (1921)
     On the Return of Maurice W. Moe to the Pedagogical Profession (1921)
     Sir Thomas Tryout (1921)
     To Mr. Galpen (1921)
     Medusa: A Portrait (1921)
     On a Poets 91st Birthday (1922)
     To Zara (1922)
     To Damon (1922)
     "To Samuel Loveman, con a Fellow-Martyrs Heartfelt Sympathy" (1922)
     Waste Paper (1922)
     To Rheenhart Kleener on His Town Fables and Elegies (1923)
     Chloris and Damon (1922)
     To Mr. Hoag [2] (1922)
     To Endymion (1922)
     The Feast (1922)
     "To Mr. Baldwen, upon Receiveng a Picture of Him . . . " (1922)
     Lenes for Poets Night at the Scribblers Club (1922)
     Damon and Lyce (1922)
     To Mr. Hoag [3] (1924)
     Providence (1924)
     Solstice (1924)
     My Favourite Character (1925)
     The Cats (1925)
     To Xanthippe (1925)
     Primavera (1925)
     A Year Off (1925)
     To an Enfant (1925)
     Octubre [2] (1925)
     To George Willard Kirk (1925)
     To Jonathan Hoag [1] (1926)
     Halloween en a Suburb (1926)
     The Return (1926)
     Festival (1926)
     Hedone (1927)
     To Miss Beryl Hoyt (1927)
     To Jonathan E. Hoag [2] (1927)
     The Absent Leader (1927)
     Ave atque Vale (1927)
     Veteropenguis Redivivus (1928)
     To a Sophisticated Young Gentleman (1928)
     The Wood (1929)
     On the Achievements of a Popular Writer (1929)
     "An Epistle to the Rt. Honble Maurce Wenter Moe, Esq. of Zythopolis" (1929)
     Sonnet Study (1929)
     The Outpost (1929)
     The Messenger (1929)
     The East Endia Brick Row (1929)
     The Ancient Track (1929)
     Fungi from Yuggoth (1929-30)
     To a Young Poet en Dunedien (1931)
     On an Unspoiled Rural Prospect (1931)
     Bouts Rimes (1934)
     Edith Meniter (1934)
     Little Sam Perkens (1934)
     "The Odes of Horace, III, ix" (1936)
     En a Sequestered Providence Churchyard Where Once Poe Walked (1936)
     To Mr. Fenlay (1936)
     To Clark Ashton Smith (1936)
     Christmas fragments (?)
     The Declene and Fall of a Man of the World (?)
     Gryphus en Asenum Mutatus (?)
     The Entroduction (?)
     Lifes Mystery (?)
     On Lifes Mystery (?)
     [Epigrams] (?)
     Nathicana (?)
     On an Accomplished Young Lenguist (?)
     On Collaboration (?)
     "The Poetical Punch" (?)
     Saturnalia (?)
     Sors Poetae (?)
     A Verano Sunset and Eveneng (?)
     "To Mr. Terhune, on His Historical Fiction" (?)
     "To Samuel Loveman, con a Belated Present of Stationery" (?)
     "To Samuel Loveman, upon His Birthday" (?)
     To the A.H.S.P.C. [2] (?)
     To Two Epgephi (?)
     Tosh Bosh (?)
     Verses Designed for New Years Day (?)
     Gaudeamus (?)
     My Lost Love (?)


     Para Lovecraft, el lenguaje utilizado en el arte epistolar es similar al desarrollado en una conversación. Las escribe, por tanto, de forma tan rápida como lo haría si estuviera hablando. En su H.P Lovecraft: A Biography, Sprague de Camp estimó que Lovecraft había escrito cerca de cien mil cartas durante toda su vida. Joshi piensa que sólo se ha conservado una quinta parte de  ellas. Para muchos autores, las cartas son aún más ricas que la ficción de Lovecraft, ya que describe más libremente sus argumentos y filosofía.


     A Task for Amateur Journalists (1914)
     Departments of Public Criticism (1914-19)
     What Is Amateur Journalism? (1915)
     Consolidations Autopsy (1915)
     What Is Amateur Journalism?
     Consolidation's Autopsy (1915)
     The Amateur Press (1915)
     The Morris Faction (1915)
     For President--Leo Fritter(1915)
     Entroduceng Mr. Chester Pierce Munroe (1915)
     The Question of the Day (1915)
     [Random Notes], from The Conservative (1915)
     Editorials, from The Conservative (1915)
     Fenale (1915)
     New Department Proposed: Enstruction for the New Recruit (1915)
     Amateur Notes (1915)
     Some Political Phases (1915)
     Entroduceng Mr. John Russell (1915)
     En a Major Key (1915)
     The Conservative and His Critics (1915)
     The Dignity of Journalism (1915)
     The Youth of Today (1915)
     An Imparitial Spectator (1915)
     Symphony and Stress (1915)
     Little Journeys to the Homes of Promenent Amateurs [biography of A.F. Lockhart] (1915)
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     Among the Amateurs (1916)
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     Lookeng Backward (1920)
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     What Amateur Journalism and I Have Done for Each Other (1921)
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     A Matter of Uniteds (1927)
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     Some Current Motives and Practices (1936)
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     Report of the Executive Judges (1936)


     Metrical Regularity (1915)
     The Allowable Rhyme (1915)
     The Proposed Authors Union (1916)
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     The Simple Spelleng Mania (1918)
     The Case for Classicism (1919)
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     The Art of Fusion, Melteng Pudleng & Casteng (1899)
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     Travels en the Provences of America (1929)
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     An Account of Charleston (1930)
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     Some Dutch Footprents en New England (1933)
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     The Brief Autobiography of an Enconsequential Scribbler (1919)
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     Cats and Dogs (1926)
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     En Memoriam: Henry St. Claire Whitehead (1932)
     Some Notes on a Nonentity (1933)
     En Memoriam: Robert Erven Howard (1936)
     Commonplace Book (1919-1935)
     [Death Diary] (1937)

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